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Do not spend money to create a Christmas atmosphere

Edit:   Date: 2016-10-11
In the home to create a Christmas atmosphere, do not need to go to the store to buy a one-time plastic hang, do not need to buy Artificial spices made of odor agent. Here to teach you three, don't spend what money can be used to create the atmosphere of Christmas existing material home.
Christmas tree decoration:
Garland: the corn grain in the microwave burst into popcorn, wear them with clean needles, tie a ribbon.
Color: leftover candy wrapped in a match box, chewing gum box small box, put on the line in the Christmas tree.
Color: use the leftover egg wash, with paint draw favorite patterns, grinding holes in the shell, thread hang on the Christmas tree.
Christmas breath:
3 oranges, a few small longan branches, a citrus, a small fennel leaf, a pinch of dried rose fruit, a wisp of lilac, if there is citrus essential oil, 10 drops. Put all these ingredients in a plastic bag and place them for a while to interact with each other. When re opened, will be full of fragrance all over the house.
Christmas candles:
Will use the rest of the candle melts into a circular or square box, the bottom of the box is fixed in advance of a small candle as the core. If you want to make a more unique candle, you can add some spice and pigment to the wax.



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