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Brand selling Christmas decorations but no inferior products

Edit:   Date: 2016-10-11
The Christmas tree 1.5 meters spread dozens of times "brand high-end Christmas hats, high quality packaging, 45 cm long, 29 cm wide, size, material quality plush, 65 grams, 59 yuan......" Now, the network has become one of the channels of the merchant. Check online Christmas decorations list, the reporter was the Christmas hat of the text and pictures to attract.
However, the reporter was surprised that this product has not been sold since the beginning of the shelves have been. And the best sales of a Christmas hat is the bulk of the net, no trademark, only to sell 0.46 yuan of Christmas hat, a month sales of more than 330 thousand, a lot of people buy a 180-300 top.
Christmas tree is the same as the Christmas tree. A price of 1.5 yuan for the 598 meter brand Christmas tree package in the current stock is the most concentrated period is zero sales, while another price as low as 59.9 yuan no brand 1.5 meter Christmas tree package but sell very well.
Commodity focus on holiday quality is ignored, the price is too high, it can not be bought." At the annual Christmas will buy accessories to the commercial street sales, she told reporters that their purchase standards are mainly to follow the consumer habits. Because the holiday of Christmas decorations is too strong, like a hat, socks and other simple adornment also is Christmas Eve with a late Christmas tree, windowbars up to one week, so most consumers think there is no need to buy too expensive, thus ignoring the quality. With Christmas as an example, the best selling price 1-1.5 yuan, if sold tens of dollars even if the quality is good, some people can not be bought, a lot of people who want to spend tens of dollars, "just a day, not as a direct buy an ordinary cap."
In addition, we feel a year once things there is no need to store, not now buy now, especially like Christmas hats, decals, pendants and other small objects. Christmas tree, some families buy a not willing to throw, but most of it is to use 2 years, so it will not choose too expensive, good quality, will only choose the next price and quality products.
Cheap decoration quality is difficult to guarantee, do not look at our price gap, but in fact the quality is different." Sales of Christmas tree seller in Shanghai told reporters that part of their Christmas leaves in store are environmental protection PVC production, no taste; the tree is the position of angle steel bracket, good stability; even the decor, will also take into account the safety of children, not parts of very small set, especially good stability. But the price is not the same decorations, leaves part with is not environmentally friendly PVC or paper, pendant are three products.