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Christmas materials are flammable.

Edit:   Date: 2016-10-11
Christmas is approaching, the major shopping malls, supermarkets have a prominent position in the layout of the Christmas tree, dolls, trees covered with snow, lantern, really express a festive atmosphere. However, the Beijing morning news reporter survey found that the hidden behind the beautiful Christmas tree hidden behind a huge fire hazard.
Holiday approaching Christmas tree
Christmas is approaching, in order to cater to the western festivals, major shopping malls, supermarkets are also set up in a prominent position in the Christmas dress, environment, atmosphere.
Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporters came to the bird's nest on the north side of the rainbow, just from Simon into a Christmas tree on the eye, about 1.5 meters high, just on sale is a row of clothing on the edge. The channel suddenly more than a tree, so many of the customers only chat almost hit.
Shopping malls with Christmas trees to attract customers, some families with children also have added to their favor. Taobao online, all kinds of Christmas lights, Christmas tree and began to sell up. Beijing morning news reporter survey found that the basic Christmas tree package between 70 yuan to more than 300 yuan, immediately to the Christmas Eve, businesses are hard to discount promotions, just open a point of view, the monthly sales are more than 2000 copies.
Normal or not materials are flammable
However, the festive season will never forget the security. Firefighters told the Beijing morning news reporter, behind the beautiful Christmas tree is actually hidden behind a huge security risks.
Firefighters said the Christmas tree material themselves are flammable. There are two main types of current production of artificial Christmas tree material, a material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a PE material (PE), because the PE material is expensive, so a little Christmas tree on the market of pure PE, but there was a lot of pure PVC. "Even if the material is again normal, but also flammable, if you buy a bad business of poor quality products, after burning will produce toxic and harmful gases".
Firefighters said the tree hanging snowflakes, apple and other decorative objects are made of plastic foam, are very easy to burn the material, the fire spread quickly. "The composition of the National Christmas tree material and no specific requirements, it also led to business loophole". When the reporter consulted a seller on the Internet, we got the answer, we just sell the Taobao.
In addition to the combustible material, the Christmas tree covered with lights is also a safety hazard. The fire personnel, although the lantern wattage is very small, but there is a ballast between the power supply and the lights, long time electricity becomes hot, if the quality does not pass, prone to spontaneous combustion.
Placement location is located in the escape channel
Beijing morning news reporter query media reports, the Henan fire had done a simulation test, a 1.3 meter high Christmas tree, from the bottom after only 4.6 seconds after the ignition, the fire will burn to the top of the tree; 8 seconds after burning smoke reached a high of about 20 seconds; when the Christmas tree is complete the combustion and ignited the next furniture. Before Christmas 2012, the Yangtze River Road fire suddenly intime square in front of the mall of Anhui in Hefei city on a Christmas tree lighting, less than 5 minutes, the Christmas tree into ashes.
Beijing morning news reporter found in the market survey, the Christmas tree will be placed in the cargo side or the market entrance, or clothing and other combustible materials, or escape the crowded places, once the fire, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Fire fighters said.
"The Ministry of Public Security Fire Department official channel life experience WeChat also recently issued a reminder, if you put up the Christmas tree, we must keep away from heat, fire, away from combustibles, placed around the fire extinguisher, to prevent the tragedy of joy festival.



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