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Philosophy:Pursue for Improvement, Grow in Harmony, Advocate Pease and Joy, 
   Contribute to the Society 
Objective:Influence Society, Customers and Corporation Positively in Financial Term
Rules:Rule the Manufactory with Laws, Make Contribution Selflessly, Award and 
    Punish Fairly and Promote Competent Talents 
Center:Create and Advocate Enterprise Culture

  Ten Dos and Don'ts for Decent Employees :

1. Work diligently and be teachable; lazy and fixed-minded 2. Be practical and innovative;
  vanity hounded
3. Take care of image and defend for collective interest; selfishness
4. Discipline oneself according to rules and be upright; bribery-taking
5. Be understanding and respectful to others; impair other persons’ interests for own sake
6. Be obedient to superior; arrogant
7. Treat coworkers friendly and kindly; indifferent
8. Observe laws and regulations; hang around to waste time
9. Be brave enough to retrospect; shift responsibility to others
10 Cherish public facilities; indulge oneself in material enjoyment